wakeman-sugeryAt Affordable Pet Care, we perform surgery three days a week. Our fully equipped surgery suite offers ample lighting, a heated surgery table for greater pet comfort, the option of laser surgery for certain procedures, close monitoring during anesthesia with pulse oximetry and direct supervision by our trained staff. In addition, we tailor the anesthetic protocol to each individual pet based on a number of risk factors, including age, breed, and prior history. Every dog undergoing anesthesia has a cephalic IV catheter placed for easy access to the vein in case of an emergency, and to allow easy induction of anesthesia.

Although we recommend blood testing prior to anesthesia (in order to detect problems with the liver or kidneys that may affect you pet’s ability to metabolize sedatives and anesthetic medications), we do not make it a requirement. Our in-house lab is fully equipped to run complete blood counts, chemistry panels, thyroid and cortisol tests and electrolyte panels. These are offered for every surgical procedure at an additional charge.

Even if you elect not to run additional blood testing prior to your pet’s surgery, rest assured that they are not being anesthetized without any knowledge of their overall health and well-being. Included in the cost of each surgery is a mini-panel that checks a PCT (packed cell volume or blood count), a BUN level (checking the status of the kidneys) and a total protein level (a screening test for liver dysfunction that could contribute to post operative complications like bleeding).

Before surgery, do not feed your pet after midnight the night before the procedure. Water should be available to your pet at all times, unless water deprivation is specifically instructed by your veterinarian.

Surgery drop off is between 7:30am and 8:30am. Patients admitted for routine surgical procedures usually go home the same day. A pick up time will be scheduled when you are dropping your pet off in the morning. Please allow a few minutes in the morning to fill out surgical admission paperwork, and please provide a phone number where you can be reached that day should an emergency arise.